White Primed Orta 1 Light

Grooved Doors


Semi-solid construction to give the preferred weightier feel The glass is flat clear toughened with an etched (sandblasted) feature border. Supplied with a 2 coat PU factory applied white prime finish.

***NOTES*** if using single doors as pairs the grooves may not line up and we can not guarantee this


Standard 35mm
1981 x 686 (27″)
1981 x 762 (30″)
1981 x 838 (33″)


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Grooved Doors

The 35mm thick Capri, Iseo and Orta are of semi-solid construction and the 44mm FD30 doors have a solid particle board core; supplied with a factory 2 coat PU white prime finish. Whilst the level of finish is extremely high we recommend that a further top coat be applied to ensure all cut outs and trimmed areas are fully sealed when hung.

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