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External Doors

Our external oak and hardwood doors have a high specification engineered construction improving the performance of the finished product. Our doors have solid lippings in either oak or hardwood to compliment the door. Laminated timber stiles and rails not only offer stability against bowing and twisting but give the look and feel of a solid timber door with the added advantage of being stronger and a more stable product. It is recommended that any of our external oak or hardwood doors must be protected from exposure to direct sun and rain. This is usually achieved by a porch, recess or overhang of a minimum of 1.5 metres. If this precaution is not observed, the performance and appearance of the door will not be satisfactory.

Redwood Range

Basic in design and traditional in appearance — but always the first choice for outbuildings or where a more traditional door design is preferred. These competitively priced doors, which are rustic in appearance, make these doors ideal for paint finishing. L&B doors are supplied with loose pinned braces for on-site handing. They are not recommended for internal use or for use as a domestic entrance door. The FL&B doors are also supplied loose pinned for on-site handing.

Redwood Gates And Door Blanks

Door Blanks

Fireshield sizes

Height Width Thickness FD30
1981 mm 686 mm 44 mm
1981 mm 762 mm 44 mm
1981 mm 838 mm 44 mm
2032 mm 813 mm 44 mm
2135 mm 915 mm 44 mm
2440 mm 1220 mm 44 mm

Other doors from this range

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