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The Premdor product offering includes a wide and varied collection of stunning interior doors. The range includes both moulded and veneered doors, and paint grade doors. General product and quality specifications for Premdor’s door range are available below.

Internal Premdor

Premdor Portfolio range incorporates cutting edge Veneer Match technology which creates engineered real veneers with consistent grain and colour, offering a unique and stunning finish for a multitude of environments. Supplied with PEFC chain of custody as standard and offering a Solid core, 30 & 60 minute fire option. Glazed options are also available on request.

Innova Pre Finished Doors

Innova Oak


Core: 35mm / 40mm Solid Core

Standard Core sizes

Height Width Thickness
1981 mm 610 mm 35mm
1981 mm 686 mm 35mm
1981 mm 762 mm 35mm
1981 mm 838 mm 35mm

Standard Core sizes

Height Width Thickness
2040 mm 626 mm 40mm
2040 mm 726 mm 40mm
2040 mm 826 mm 40mm
2040 mm 926 mm 40mm

Fireshield sizes

Height Width Thickness FD30
1981 mm 610 mm 44 mm
1981 mm 686 mm 44 mm
1981 mm 762 mm 44 mm
1981 mm 838 mm 44 mm
2040 mm 626 mm 44 mm
2040 mm 726 mm 44 mm
2040 mm 826 mm 44 mm
2040 mm 926 mm 44 mm

Other doors from this range

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