Verde Flush Range

The “Verde” range of doors has been introduced for those wanting a little more than a standard flush veneered product. The doors are supplied in 44mm thickness and carry FD30 certification. The core is solid, with lippings on all 4 edges to match face veneer. The finish is a clear satin lacquer. When fitting as a fire door it is essential that a 20x4mm Intumescent strip or smoke seal be fitted to centre of top and two long edges of door, or if preferred to centre of the frame rebate. Meeting stiles on doors fitted as a pair must be square (not rebated) with a strip fitted centrally to one meeting edge.

The construction allows for the door to be reduced to any height so long as it is re-lipped in accordance with the fire certificate.Please note if the doors are reduced in size in any way they must be re-sealed to prevent moisture ingress.

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