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FOLDASIDE 100 2 + 2


Please call for price and availability as this will depend on a number of factors such as door type, weight and location. Once we have this information a member of our sales team will be able to advise you on suitable options and price accordingly.

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Sliding Door Gear

The sliding door gear options are as follows: -

Straightway 50 (Straight sliding - top hung). This sliding door gear is designed to support timber doors with a maximum weight of 50kg per door; the system is both straight forward and effective.

Foldaside 100 (End folding - top hung). This system is designed to allow you to fold up to 4 doors to one side of opening or to fold 1 pair of doors to both sides of an opening. The track is available in two lengths and must be used with a floor channel and bottom guides. The system has the benefit of concealed fixings for hangers and pivots

Flyaside Panther (Face fixed -ball race sliding door gear). Straight sliding door gear that provides sturdy, reliable operation for most applications. The top track is face fixed with single screw fixed guides on the floor keeping the threshold clear. Maximum door wight for this system is 55kg with a maximum door size of 2.4m (h) and 1.5m (w)