Pocket Door System Components

Pocket Systems

Pocket door framework


The Pocket Door Systems are supplied in kit form and include the following components.

4 x steel wrapped studs

2 x stud foot brackets

2 x 3 wheel hangers

2 x hanger mounting plates

1 x rubber door stop

2 x nylon door guides

1 x adapter kit

1 x fixing kit

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Pocket Systems

The pocket door system is a simple way to increase available space in many domestic applications, particularly dining rooms, en-suite bathrooms, cloakrooms and doors into kitchens.
The system is suitable for doors with a thickness of 35mm to 44mm, with a maximum height of 2032mm and a maximum weight of 56 kg. For doors under 44mm thick the frame adapter kit that is supplied should be used.
When 2 converging doors are to be fitted, a Jointing Kit (ref 61600) should be used with 2 pocket door systems.

Please note there are 3 models in the range to satisfy different width requirements
Model H30 - code 61730 - for doors with a width of up to 762mm / 30" / 2'6"
Model H36 - code 61736 - for doors with a width of up to 914mm / 36"/ 3'0"
Model H42 - code 61742 - for doors with a width of up to 1067mm / 42" / 3'6"