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Door Frames

Door Frames

A quality interior door deserves a matching frame design, not only regarding the quality but also in terms of appearance. All Svedex EPC Superlak® doors are available in combination with a Svedex EPC frame. There are five frame models to choose from, the standard frame is the model 'Basic RE 60 mm round-cornered'.

All Svedex frames are composed of three rebate MDF elements. These include incisions, locking plate, a sealing rubber, and three architraves and are tailor-made and ready for installation. Hinges are provided with the frame.

The Svedex frame has a tolerance of 20 mm in the wall thickness (-5 / + 15 mm).

The rebate elements and the decorative covers (ornaments) are provided with Superlak® foil.

Invisible mounting and no adjusted threaded holes.
High locking comfort, white rubber seal.
Unique flush connection Svedex Superlak® door & frame (2 mm).
Fast mounting by professional angle connection.
All with mitred corner angle

Overview of the different frame options:

  • Frame models
  • RE (straight/angular), architrave 60mm
  • RR (round/round), architrave 60mm
  • Square deluxe, architrave 45/55/70/80mm

Cost and time saving when choosing a Svedex Superlak door + frame kit?

Because these kits are ready to use, no sanding and painting is necessary and the finish is always uniform and even. So no surprises.

Want to save even more time? Choose DexFix

Svedex developed DexFix for everyone who assembles Svedex frames. This enables a very fast alignment, fixing and pressure proof filling of the frame at the installation, with just a few operations. All Svedex frames can be supplied with a DexFix mounting tool. Optionally pre-assembled or supplied separately for self-assembly. DexFix provides time savings up to 25% when installing frames. More information about DexFix can be found at

Frame installation video
Dexfix instructions

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