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Performance Doors

Door kits by SX

About Svedex

The Svedex brand originates in Varsseveld, Gelderland, the Netherlands. Since 1954, we have designed and produced a versatile and affordable collection of flat and style doors. In the modern facilities, all doors are lacquered with our Svedex Superlak® (EPC technology). With an annual volume of approx. 700,000 lacquered EPC Superlak® door kits, Svedex is among the leading door manufacturers in Europe. Expertise, enthusiasm and passion for the business are what drive us every day to make the very best lacquered doors, and make people live beautifully with Svedex.

Svedex provides complete, ready to use, door kits. These fully finished door kits consist of a door leaf, including drillings for the hinges and lock, and a door frame, with hinges and strike plate already fitted at the right position. Since the surfaces of both door and frame are factory finished, all you have to do is to install the door kit, and it is ready to use.

The Svedex assortment consists of a range of standard flat doors through to style doors with lead glass, all in sleek or profiled frames. There is always a matching glass door for each style door for you to make the perfect combination. You can choose from over 250 door models and 4 frame types. In addition, our technical doors meet the highest standards in terms of fire resistance, climate class and sound insulation.

Svedex delivers from its own production lines across Europe, for both house and project construction.

About Superlak®

EPC Superlak®. Much stronger than UV-coating.

For more than 50 years, the Svedex Superlak® door is the result of the perfect combination of stable construction, finished with a very high quality scratch-resistant lacquer. In addition, this EPC lacquer is not sprayed, but cast, and subsequently cured by an electron beam in an oxygen-free bunker, this is called EPC coating technology. This very resistant, solvent-free lacquer guarantees exceptional durability, eco-friendly production and full satisfaction by customers.

Ready to use

All Svedex EPC Superlak® doors are finished in Superlak®, have all required holes, and a pre-assembled lock. Glass models are delivered including pre-assembled, tempered, security glass so they can be installed immediately.

Extreme wear and scratch resistance

The unprecedented hard layer of the Superlak® finish offers an optimal protection against scratches and stains. Much stronger than UV-coating.


Svedex have been applying this unique lacquer process since 1970. Using an energy-friendly way of lacquering with a solvent-free lacquer, many years of solvent emissions free production has been created.

10-year guarantee

The Superlak® finish offers a ten year guarantee which applies to the gloss level and the high grade of scratch resistance. Besides this, the varnish layer is insensitive to deterioration by skin acids and greases.

Easily cleanable/sustainable

The lacquer layer is simply cleanable with cleaning products, even felt pen marks can be removed easily.

Insensitive to sunlight

Some coatings become yellow when they are exposed to sunlight for a long time. The Svedex Superlak® remains its white colour even under permanent, intense, UV-lighting.

Sustainable production

Contribution to the environment

If we want to transfer a better world to the future generations sustainable manufacturing is highly important, Svedex is at the forefront of this. We make every effort to reduce our CO2 emissions and handle natural resources with care.

100% eco-friendly

Final lacquering with Superlak® is energy efficient and eco-friendly. For more than 35 years, Svedex has made use of a unique coating process. By rapid curing the lacquer layer, this way of painting consumes less energy, and thus no emission of solvents. This ensures a healthy environment in your home and contributes to a livable world.

100% FSC®- or PEFC certified

All Svedex doors and frames are provided with the FSC®- or PEFC certificate. We are pioneers in this field and we offer a wide range of doors with these certificates.

10-year guarantee

Superlak® is an unprecedented durable lacquer, to which scratches and stains have no influence. Therefore, the Superlak® finish offers a 10-year guarantee for the durability of the lacquer layer and its deterioration by use.

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